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  1. any london irish or just serious rugby fans feel free to add me and sub and i’ll sub back cheers!!!

  2. this guys a legend, i saw him today with my local rugby team, signed my shirt and a picture of him shook my hand i said thankyou and its nice to meet you and these words he said to me, “no problem mate.” i personally felt honoured altho im not a winger and im a second row, i hope to get into london irish, would be my dream

  3. Oh my god thank you so much for knowing that, it was used at the end of the shameless season six finale you see, and then i recognised it on the rugby and started shouting ‘thats the song off shameless’ at the tv 🙂

  4. the song london irish came out the tunnel to is ‘shipping out to boston’ by dropkick murphy, awesome try from ojo 🙂

  5. does anyone know the name of the song that the london irish come out of the tunnel to? ((heard it on bbc one today watching the rugby final…thing …im not actually a rugby type person i just loved the music. thanks))

  6. i was at this match and couldnt undersatand how he just stepped out of those tackles lol

  7. Topsy Ojo Is a future International star for London Irish, And I’m a modest london Irish fan

  8. He needs to brush up his technique. He was holding the ball in the wrong hand (always on the outside hand for the fend and to prevent the strip). And I like to see him step like Sivivatu and Jason Robinson. He seems to run in straight lines. The positive: he’s a lot of potential with his speed and big game temperament: he seems so calm and relaxed in the big games and he doesn’t premedidate his moves, he plays whats in front of him.

  9. He had a good game against the all blacks. I’ll keep an eye on him in the future.

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