Paice’s 250th Appearance

In the modern era, rugby players hardly stick to a single club for a long time. They change clubs every once in a while. So, it’s really refreshing to see someone like David Paice, who is known for his ‘one-club man’ policy.

And David is all set for his 250th appearance for London Irish. That’s not a small number. Having appeared in 250 competitive games for a single club is a rarity these days. His 250th appearance will be against London Welsh. Ever since, he’s moved to England from Australia, this foreigner stuck to London Irish. He never tried to move to another club.

When asked about his decision to stay with the club for this long, he said it’s about following a certain culture. He loves the fact he’s playing for a family club. And he enjoys every minute of playing there. It gives him the high and the motivation he seeks. It’s the perfect club for him and he’s not looking for a new club.

As for appearing in the national team, this 32-year old was given 8 opportunities to play for England. As for his contract with the club, he is going to extend his stay for another 2 years.
He is fond of the friends he made at the club. He also reminisces the fact that he has been very lucky with the coaches. They all have been good to him, says the player.

Is he fond of any particular coach? He is fond of Toby Booth. According to David, he owes his career to Toby Booth. As for Toby Booth, he is first-team coach of Bath. When David joined the club for the first time, Toby Booth was working as the academy coach. And he has many fond memories about their association of the club, which worked well in favor of David’s long career.

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