London Irish Will Try And Relegate For The Premiership

Tom Coventry, the boss of London Irish, vowed that he would fight the relegation of the Exiles at the Premiership.

The director stated that he would help the club to gain back top position in the continent. The club being relegated from Aviva Premiership has not deterred Tom Coventry. Being the director of rugby for London Irish, he states that he wishes to continue as boss for the club even though it has been ousted from Premiership.

When the Exiles lost out to Harlequins in the match that was held at Madejski stadium, it helped to confirm the club’s participation in the championship in the following season.

Tom, who hails from New Zealand, stated that he would be looking for opportunities by which he would be able to get the Irish team back on the top flight. He feels that it is his job which will remain incomplete if he left now with the current position of the club being where it is. He would be putting in place a review in order to understand the steps that need to be taken to get the club back on a top position in the game.

They would also be reviewing the style of the game so that they can start seeing results and improvements in the team games this season. He feels that you need to put back confidence in the people and look at the performances. The progress that is made and results achieved need to be reviewed in order to understand how improvements can be done.

He feels that the tenure that he has spent in the club has gone in making progress for the squad. The upcoming task would be to keep the squad and to help them improve in their performance and help them achieve higher goals.