Hong Kong Wins Rugby Sevens Series

Hong Kong was consistent in the finals of the Asia Rugby Sevens Series. As a result the team was able to win the game in the finals against their competitor team of Sri Lanka. The host team had a good start. This gave them a good advantage when they played the Singapore Sevens. The HK women’s team on the other hand put in their best efforts even if they had a loss in the semifinals that they played against China.

The Singapore Sevens berth is open for those who win the Asia Rugby Sevens Series. This is looking to be achievable for the Hong Kong team after their recent win. The finals of the Asia Rugby Sevens had a gripping final match. Sri Lanka played against Hong Kong, where the latter team edged the former into a final score of 22-17.

The game was played last Saturday at the Hong Kong Football Club. The coach of the team, Gareth Baber has been craving for such an opportunity. His efforts were rewarded as the Hong Kong team performed well and showed consistency in their performance.

This kind of performance the team had not been able to showcase in previous games. It is hoped that they will continue with the best performance in the future as well. Baber feels that opposition will get tougher and the team needs to be spruced up for the same.

However the coach is happy with the consistent performance the team showcased last weekend. They are hopeful that the team will continue with such performance and be able to move to the finals and win as well. The fans are also optimistic of the forthcoming games. It will surely be great to look forward to the forthcoming games in the subsequent weekends.