Henry Thomas May Be Included In England’s National Rugby Union Team

The 23 years old rugby union player Henry Thomas who plays for the Bath Rugby club which is a professional rugby union club based in Bath, Somerset, is likely to return to England’s match day team and play against the Ireland team.

The venue of the match is in Dublin. Thomas usually plays as a prop but he was often excluded from the team training with the head coach of England’s national rugby union team, Stuart Lancaster. Thomas was again included in the team because one of the players of the team, Kieran Brooks who plays for the Newcastle team has injured his hip. If the 24 years old Kieran Brooks requires a lot of time to recover, then he will be unable to play in Friday’s match then it is very much likely that Henry Thomas would be taking his place.

The last time Thomas played for the England National rugby Union team was last year in the month of June in a match against New Zealand, who are also known as ‘All Blacks’.

If Thomas fails to get selected for the match scheduled to be held on Monday, then he’s hopeful that with Davey Wilson injured and unable to play, the Bath Rugby team will surely consider him to play in Wilson’s position if such a need is felt by the team in the later part of the six nations rugby competition.

Thomas has said that it would be good for him if his start is a consistent one. He also regards that being able to play the sport for some more time will be very beneficial for him. Thomas expressed his desire to play for quite some time in a consistent manner on order to be able to play for the national team. There were a number of occasions this year where both him and Wilson were able to play together before Wilson got injured. According to Henry Thomas, there was a competition going on between them.